ULTRAFINE MINERAL & ADMIXTURES, a leading manufacturer of mineral additives in India.

ULTRAFINE MINERAL & ADMIXTURES enjoys a reputation of being one of the most efficient mineral additives manufacturers in India. Its environment protection measures are one of the best in the country. ULTRAFINE MINERAL & ADMIXTURES has been at the forefront in setting high standards for plant and machinery, production, quality systems and services.

ULTRAFINE MINERAL & ADMIXTURES provide cleaner and safer environment, save national resources like less embodied energy reduce the pollution and raw material hence less cement will be used & ensure clean air to breath reduction in carbon emission.

HSE: ULTRAFINE MINERAL & ADMIXTURES is committed to achieve and maintain high standards of Health Safety & Environment in its manufacturing units and office and we believe they are crucial aspects of our operations. Beside the necessary legal compliances, our commitment to HSE demonstrates our value for Human life, Employee Morale and Professionalism.

Mr. Georg Dirk was the first one to introduce processed and ultrafine fly ash for the technical and economic benefit of the construction fraternity in India in the year 2000. Since then processed Fly Ash is being used for high performance concrete in mechanized batching plants for all prestigious projects.

Ultrafine Mineral & Admixtures Pvt. Ltd has joined hands with Mr. Georg Dirk who has licensed them to use the "Dirk" brand for processed and ultrafine fly ash naming it as "DIRK UltraPozzoTM" for western India.

Processed Fly Ash would be available in Bulk, one MT Jumbo bag and 40Kg bag for Mumbai, Nasik, Pune and Gujarat Markets.

Mr. Georg Dirk would continue to guide and share his knowledge on Processed Fly ash advantages through various fora of UltraFine Minerals and seminars in India.

Corporate Profile

CIN: U24100MH2020PTC338575

We are now an ISO certified company

Vision Statement

To be a change catalyst in construction industry supply chain by providing innovative, Sustainable, durable and value adding quality products to our customers.


High strength, durable & Sustainable
Breaking new ground in sustainable construction
Committed to superior quality and results
Masters of Consistency and Quality